GoWise Air Fryer Review

If you like to cook a variety of meals at home, one of the most useful kitchen appliances that you can buy is an air fryer.

These devices work by using hot air for cooking the intended food, and while they can’t be used for everything, they are a great alternative to hot oil fryers. 

Just like with most other air fryers, you only need to use around a tablespoon of oil, which actually makes this method of cooking a healthier alternative.

As well as this benefit, they require almost no work to use, and you can leave it to cook whatever you need it to while you get on with something else.

If you have been thinking about getting an air fryer, this one by GoWise is certainly worth considering. If you want to find out all there is to know about this brand of air fryer; then you’ve come to the right place.

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What is an Air Fryer?

Before we dive deep into the product itself to find out all about the features and settings that it has to offer, it can be useful to find out exactly what the purpose of an air fryer is.

An air fryer is a small convection oven that is designed to simulate frying without actually having to submerge all of your foods into hot oil. The fans inside the machine will circulate very hot air at high speeds that will cook your foods and leave them with a crispy outer layer.

There is a debate over which type of convection oven will cook your food more efficiently, but air fryers are a great alternative to deep frying. 

They work by circulating the hot air around the appliance to cook the food that has been placed inside of it. The cooking chamber inside the fryer will radiate heat from a heating element that is near where you would put the food.

The fan is then used to circulate the air around the machine. Air can escape through the top and back of the machine, which helps to control the temperature as it will get rid of any hot air that isn’t needed. 

Depending on the type of air fryer that you use, the temperature can reach as high as 445 degrees Farenheight. You will only need to use a very low amount of oil to use this appliance for cooking, and it can even save you 20% of the time it would normally take to cook the planned food. 

GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer with 8 Cook Presets, GW22638 - Black

This GoWise air fryer is the perfect appliance for cooking your favorite foods without having to use excessive amounts of oil.

Due to the rapid air technology that is used inside the machine, you don’t actually have to use any oil at all, though you can add a tablespoon if you wish to for the best results.

You can make much healthier versions of your favorite meals by using the GoWise air fryer, as it only uses the circulation of hot air as a method of heating and cooking. 

Any foods that you would usually deep fry in oil can be used with this machine, and the results can be even better than they were before.

There are different cooking presets that can be used to save you some time and make the process that much easier.

There are eight different presets for you to choose from, and these are warm, fries/chips, chicken, steak, shrimp, pork, cake, and fish. All you need to do is to select the preset setting that you need, and it will do your work for you.

There is a digital screen that you can navigate to set the temperature from anywhere between 170F and 400F, depending on the type of food that you are cooking, and you can even set a time for between 1 and 30 minutes.

This might be a better option for you if you are cooking from a specific recipe that doesn’t align with any of the preset settings.

There is a timer indicator that will let you know when the cooking time has finished, and it will beep five times to let you know that your food is ready. 

The fan of the air fryer will stop after around 20 seconds, and your food is ready to eat straight away. The entire cooking process really couldn’t be made any easier.

Your purchase comes with a free recipe book that is filled with 50 different recipes that are specifically designed for use with the GoWise air fryer.

This will help to give you lots of ideas and what delicious meals you can make using your new appliance. You can choose from a variety of meals for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert.

You can also use the GoWise app on your phone if you download it from the app store, and you will be given access to over 100 recipes that you can use with your new air frying machine.

It is also filled with lots of beneficial tips that can help to get you started on your new cooking journey. 

You can feed up to three people at a time if you use this appliance for cooking, as it has a 3.7QT capacity.

The non-stick coated basket and crisper tray allow for the best possible airflow and maximum cooking space.

One of the best parts about this appliance is that it is easy to clean it up when you have finished using it. 

If you are interested in cooking foods quicker, easier, and more efficiently, with up to 80% less fat than normal fried foods, then the GoWise air fryer could be a great option for you. 


  • Allows you to cook your favorite foods without having to use lots of oil
  • You can make healthier versions of your usual meals
  • There are eight different cooking presets for your convenience
  • You can use the digital screen for simple navigation
  • You can cook foods up to 20% faster than you normally would
  • Comes with a free recipe book to help get you started
  • There is a handy app full of tips and recipes to help you
  • Efficient design allows for maximum airflow and cooking space
  • Results in cooked foods with up to 80% less fat than those that are deep-fried


  • There is not enough space to cook food for the whole family, so if you are cooking for more than two or three people, you might want to consider a bigger machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GoWise Air Fryer Safe to Use?

When it comes to using the GoWise air fryer, the handle will remain cool during use, even when the machine itself gets hot. This allows you to use it safely without the risk of burning yourself.

It also has an automatic switch and automatic standby mode, and it will automatically turn off once the set cooking cycle has been completed.

This is a great safety feature as it means that even if you do forget that it is on, you won’t burn your food, and there is no risk of leaving it on accidentally. This will also eliminate the risk of fires. The machine will also power down if the basket or drawer is removed from the appliance. 

There is a release setting where you will have to slide the release button upwards in order to remove the basket from the fryer, so it can’t move around on its own.

Finally, the GoWise air fryer is ETL certified, meaning that it complies with all of the necessary safety standards in order to be used.

How Do I Clean My GoWise Air Fryer?

Thankfully, GoWise has thought about the cleaning process and made it very straightforward and easy to do. The basket is removable from the machine itself, which not only makes it easier to remove foods; it also makes it easier to clean the component.

The basket, along with the removable tray, are both dishwasher safe, but you can clean them by hand if you don’t have a dishwasher.

For the best cleaning results, we recommend soaking these parts in warm water while they are still hot, and by the time you have finished your meal, they will be much easier to clean. 

When left to cool, the cleaning process can be much more difficult as the remains of the food will harden and be harder to remove. 


The GoWise air fryer is a great alternative to deep-frying your foods, and it provides you with results that contain up to 80% less fat. This is great if you are looking for an alternative method of cooking that is more healthy.

The machine costs less than those by some other brands, and it is still an efficient method of cooking, especially with its eight preset modes that you can choose from.

The only negative that we could find with this machine is the size, which might not be an issue for everyone. You can cook for up to three people, so if your family is bigger than this, you could look for an air fryer with a larger capacity if necessary. 

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