Chicago Cutlery Review

Whether you are moving into a new home, shopping for a wedding gift, or in need of a replacement, a new knife set can be game-changing!

Knives offer precision sharp slices and dices and are a staple in houses across the country for all our food preparation needs. A knife set is a great option, providing the perfect cut for meat, fish, vegetables, and bread with ease.

The right knife can speed the entire cooking process up, giving you more time to enjoy your food! 

When it comes to purchasing a new cutlery set, the choice can seem daunting, can’t it? There are so many options to choose from it can seem overwhelming. 

Well, why not consider the Chicago cutlery set? We think it is a great option and are here to tell you why! 

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In a hurry? Check out our overview of the Chicago cutlery set here! Those in an even quicker hurry can purchase it right here

  • 15-piece knife set with a knife block
  • High-carbon stainless steel blades are used.
  • Triple stainless steel rivets secure the handles to the blades for added safety.
  • Lifetime warranty against the manufacturer.
  • The knives have a full metal tang construction for added strength, balance, and control.
  • The set boasts a wide range of knives, including peeling, paring, serrated fruit, serrated utility, scallops, steak knives, and Santoku knives.
  • The knives have a medium weight to provide a good balance.
  • Set in a wooden block for easy storage.
  • Easy to grab out of the wooden block for quick access.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Some customers did find that they started to rust after roughly a year of use and cleaning. 
  • Easy to sharpen and maintain the knives.

Got a bit more time today? Let’s dive into these knives and what they can offer you!

Chicago Cutlery Essentials 15 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set with Shears, Paring, Fruit, Utility, Santoku, Bread, and Steak Knives, Knife Set for the Kitchen with Block

You get what?

The impressive 15 piece set comes with a handy wooden block to store all the knives in one easy to reach the place.

The range of knives with this set is very impressive. You get: 

  • 3-inch peeling knife
  • 3 and ½ inch paring knife 
  • Four and ½ inch serrated fruit knife 
  • Four and ¾ inch serrated utility knife 
  • 5-inch Santoku knife 
  • 7-inch Santoku knife 
  • 8-inch scalloped bread knives 
  • Kitchen shears 
  • Serrated steak knives x6

That’s a lot of knives! The wide variety of knives means there are endless cooking possibilities for you now! Customers enjoyed the range of knives offered from the set and how easy they are to use.

No matter your culinary ability, we can assure you that these knives won’t be gathering dust in your kitchen! 

The Santoku knives were the most popular among customers, with many praising their construction and sharpness when chopping food.

Chicago cutlery’s set provides you with two sizes of Santoku knives; some customers found that the larger knife caused their hand to hit the chopping board when using it due to the small blade size.

A few customers only reported this issue, but it is worth remembering your hands’ positioning when chopping to ensure your safety while slicing! 

The serrated steak knives were also popular among customers for providing an excellent cut on meat, primarily through tougher meats. Those who eat well-done steak should still be able to cut through with ease. 

For those who do not eat meat, these knives can still be used for chopping other foods such as cheese and vegetables.

Essentially, a steak knife is a slightly smaller utility knife, so those who do not eat meat will still find lots of uses for these knives! It is a diverse set. 

You don’t get a knife sharpener with this set; you will need to purchase one separately if you do not already own one. These are easy to buy and aren’t usually expensive. 

Customers were also impressed with the high level of customer service from Chicago cutlery, who were quick to send out replacements if the knives did not arrive in the correct condition, great to know in the event of accidents. 


They are all made with high-carbon stainless steel to provide a strong, hard edge. These knives are long-lasting and offer a precise cut. The steel material is also easy to be re-sharpened! 

The steel material is designed to resist stains, rust, and pitting. Some customers did note that there was rust on the knives’ blades after about a year of use.

We would recommend taking care of your knives, cleaning regularly, and ensuring they are thoroughly dried to minimize the risk of rust.

We would avoid putting them in the dishwasher or leaving them to soak in any water; it’s best to clean them as quickly as you can after use and dry them thoroughly before storing them back in their wooden block. 

What is so special about them?

Chicago cutlery’s knives are made using their exclusive 25-degree taper grind edge. The edge allows for optimum sharpness and delivering those precise cuts consistently.

They are so sharp you can use them as soon as they arrive without any need to sharpen them!

The taper grind edge also makes the knives easier to re-sharpen, which we fully recommend to ensure you always get a quick and easy cut, slice, or dice. 

The knives also feature a full metal tang construction, which provides added strength. It also gives added balance and control to ensure that you are in complete control of the knife.

The knives are an excellent medium weight that you can feel in your hand, which allows you to use the knives with ease. 

The balance of a knife is vital to provide precise use that feels almost effortless. It will help make the blade less unpredictable when you are using it.

Balance refers to where the weight is in the knife; a good quality knife will feature most of the handle’s weight, providing a substantial weight to hold in your hand while preparing your food. 

Chicago cutlery’s knives are no different, with the weight mostly in the handle, allowing you to have a good feel of the knife in your hand while you chop. 

The knives are also fitted with triple stainless steel rivets, which secure the handles to the blades. They provide increased stability and safety when using the blades.

Customers found that the knives’ handle felt very secure, making it easier to chop quickly without worrying about any accidents while using it. 


Chicago’s cutlery set is protected with an impressive lifetime warranty! The warranty is valid against any manufacturer defects, so should any problems arise, you know you are protected.

Should you need to use the warranty, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly to resolve your issue. 

Appearance matters

Those who like a sleek looking kitchen will enjoy this knife set. The wooden block is not too bulky and will fit comfortably on most kitchen counters, measuring 10 x 4.7 x 14.5-inches. 

The knives all have sleek black handles with silver details and silver-colored blades. No matter the color scheme in your kitchen, these are bound to look great! 

How much?

The knife set is reasonably priced considering the number of knives you get for the money. If you were to divide the cost per knife, it is an incredible value!

Customers found the set to be very decently priced compared to other knife sets on the market. It is an excellent option as a starter present for new homeowners or a wedding present!  

Just because the price is low does not mean that the quality is low with these knives either!

The quality is exceptional, especially when you consider the decent price tag of these knives, proof you don’t need to spend a lot to receive high-quality items!

Why go for a knife set?

Why spend your money on a set instead of one or two knives if you aren’t Gordon Ramsey? Having one or two knives that you use for all your cooking needs may be working for you, but could they perform better? 

Using a large serrated bread knife, for example, to chop an onion or cucumber is never going to end well! This is because of the different consistencies and textures of foods. Using an unsuitable knife can not only make your task harder but can damage the knife too! 

For example, a large knife used to chop a small object can be a safety hazard and result in injury. A knife set will allow you to choose the right blade for the items you are chopping and provide a safer cooking environment. 

It will also be a lot easier to chop items with the right knives, meaning you could save time cooking, which means you can eat quicker, yay! Customers found the range of knives great for all cooking styles and provided them with the opportunity to try new foods. 

Final Word

The Chicago cutlery set is an excellent option for those with a smaller budget that does not compromise quality. The wide selection of knives in the set means you can cook pretty much anything you desire without any worry or stress! 

The high-quality knives may need a bit more attention when washing and drying to maintain their condition, but for those who are happy with that, these sharp and solidly built knives should last you for years to come! 

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