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6 EASY Recipes - Every Week!

6 Delicious, Kid approved, dinner recipes for the upcoming week. I try to choose recipes that can be prepped and cooked within 30 minutes, easy to cook, and no fancy ingredients that are hard to find!

Estimated Weekly Cost

I include a total estimated cost of the 6 dinners so you have an idea of how it fits your budget for that week. I use the Walmart prices in my area (Texas) and round up to the nearest dollar. 

Meal Prep Ideas

I try and give instructions on what items you can prepare ahead of time on Sunday so meal prep is easy each week night.

Shopping List by Aisle

Done-for-you shopping list organized by the sections of most grocery stores like frozen, dairy, canned goods, produce, etc.  This is great for those of you who still like to go to a physical store (not me!)

Shopping List by Recipe

This shopping list will include all the ingredients you need to buy for each recipe that you probably do not have on hand. I simply copy and paste it into my online grocery order and I'm done!

Side Dishes

I include my list of standard side dish ingredients I try to always keep on hand to pair up with any meal. I also include the cost of these items from Walmart in my area.

Blank Printables & Worksheets

Each weekly meal plan includes a blank meal plan worksheet, pantry inventory list, grocery budget worksheet, pantry organization checklist, blank recipe cards, and a kitchen organization checklist. 

Consider your Meal Planning DONE! (each and every week)

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