Did You Forget to Thaw Out the Chicken?

Each week I sift through all the noise of the internet and try to select the Best of the Best helpful content that can streamline your time in the kitchen.

Because if you are anything like me, I don’t like or have time to spend an hour or more planning or cooking dinner with all the other things I have going on with a family of 6!

I hope these articles help you this week!

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Forgot to Thaw out the Chicken?

We’ve all done it. We have our meal plan ready, it calls for chicken tonight, but we left for work and forgot to thaw it out.

Instead of going through the drive-thru once again and feeling guilty about spending the money and the unhealthy food, stop by the grocery store on the way home from work and pick up a cooked Rotisserie Chicken from the deli.

Many recipes that call for chicken can be made with a Rotisserie chicken. These Chicken Taquitos sound yummy and would work in this scenario.

Craving a Juicy Burger?

No hamburger will taste as great as the one you’ve made yourself. Knowing that you crafted that tasty meal by yourself is incredibly satisfying – more so than using shop-bought patties. But it can be a hassle trying to form the burger patties by hand, not to mention incredibly messy.

These hamburger patty makers will be a real game-changer for your cooking experience – especially if you want to make several patties at once.

Need a Side Dish and have some Potatoes on Hand?

Potatoes usually go with just about any dinner meal so it is a great idea to always keep a 5lb bag of potatoes handy.

Or might I dare suggest the boxed variety that look like flakes but taste just as good in my opinion and are alot faster to make? I won’t tell you who has those in her pantry, lol. My kids don’t know the difference.

Here are 32 Potato recipes you can use as a side dish this week.

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