Can You Freeze Fresh Mozzarella

Have you ever been in a situation where you have more fresh Mozzarella than you can use at the moment? What do you do, or how do you ensure it doesn’t go bad? This question, “can you freeze fresh Mozzarella is one of the frequently asked questions on social platforms. 

Sometimes you can purchase more fresh Mozzarella than you required. And because you don’t want it to spoil before it can serve you, so what do you do? This post will walk you through how to preserve your fresh Mozzarella and answer whether or not you can freeze Mozzarella. 

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Can You Freeze Fresh Mozzarella? 

Yes, you can freeze fresh Mozzarella, but you’ll have to forget about the original texture after you freeze it. If you don’t want your Mozzarella to form ice crystals, don’t freeze fresh Mozzarella because it has high water content. 

Freezing fresh Mozzarella is advantageous, especially when you want to melt and use it as a topping. If you and your family love toasts with Mozzarella toppings, freezing Mozzarella can be one of the best ideas. 

Most people use fresh Mozzarella in salads, but you can use it in other delicacies too. It is always wet because it is one of those types of cheese packaged in water to last longer. 

And while you can extract some water from the fresh Mozzarella before freezing, it’ll still end up with water after you defrost. In a nutshell, if you want to freeze Mozzarella, you must be prepared to accept the new texture it will obtain after the freezing. 


How Do I Freeze Fresh Mozzarella?

It is possible to freeze the whole Mozzarella ball, but I recommend that you freeze it when sliced. This is to enable you to grab one or two slices when you need them without going through the hassle of defrosting the whole of Mozzarella. 

If you have a shape or size that has worked for you previously, I encourage you to go with that as you are already used to it, plus it will save you time. That said, below is a step-by-step guide on how you can freeze fresh Mozzarella. 

  1. The first step is to extract any excess water and allow the balls to let out excess water. 
  2. Now you need to slice your Mozzarella, depending on the recipe you have for the day. Feel free to use any size or shape you have previously used and one that works perfectly for you. 
  3. You had removed the excess, but this time around, you need to remove any excess moisture because there will be after you cut the cheese. You can use a power towel to remove the excess moisture so that water doesn’t freeze with the slices you have made. 
  4. Once that is done, you need to transfer the slices to a freezer bag. If you like, feel free to pre-freeze your portion on a sheet or tray, but it’s fine to omit this step. 
  5. Ensure that the freezer bags you put into the freezer stays flat. Once the slices have frozen, you can reorganize everything, depending on what works best for you. 

That’s it. The fresh mozzarella is secure in the freezer and waiting for you to use it. You can find some ideas on how to do that later in the article.

Can I Freeze Mozzarella Cheese Blocks?

Yes, you can freeze Mozzarella cheese blocks as it has less water than fresh Mozzarella. Because Mozzarella blocks are hard, freezing them is better than freezing fresh Mozzarella. 

However, you must be wary about the Mozzarella going dry after you have frozen it. However, this shouldn’t be a big deal. So how do you freeze Mozzarella blocks? Below is how to freeze Mozzarella cheese blocks. 


How Do I Freeze Mozzarella Cheese Blocks? 

You have two options to choose from when you want to freeze Mozzarella cheese blocks – the first one is when shredded and the second option is when your slice the cheese into portions. 

But before you decide on any of the options, you need to know what you will be using the Mozzarella cheese blocks for. 

For example, if you want to prepare Mozzarella sticks for your family, choosing the sliced portions will be an excellent idea. 

On the other hand, if you need Mozzarella as a topping to probably use on Pizza, freezing Mozzarella in the shredded form will be the best idea. 

Once you have figured out the purpose of preparing Mozzarella, you can follow the same procedure for freezing Mozarella we talked about previously (in the previous section). 

How Do I Freeze Grated Mozzarella? 

Grating Mozzarella blocks before freezing them is one of the popular methods of freezing this type of cheese. The frozen cheese will dry, but that is completely fine if you use it as a topping. So without further ado, let’s get into how you can freeze grated Mozzarella. 

  1. The first step is to place the Mozzarella in the freezer for between ten and thirty minutes so that it gives you an easier time to shred. Grate into the sizes that work best for you. 
  2. Please line the cookie tray with aluminum foil to prevent the cheese from sticking once that is done. Next, put the shredded Mozzarella into the foil and then into the freezer. 
  3. Use a spoon or spatula to break down the frozen Mozzarella. This won’t take you more than a minute, so I encourage you not to skip this step, especially when you need your Mozzarella readily available. 
  4. The next step is to transfer your Mozzarella into the freezer container you have. Again, you need to work with the container you have previously used or that works best for you. To ensure you don’t run into confusion in the future, label the container or freezer bags with their freezing dates and the quantity. 
  5. Now take back the containers to the freezer. At this stage, rest assured that you can now keep your Mozzarella for longer. 

How Do I Thaw Frozen Mozzarella Cheese? 

While your main concern could be how to freeze your Mozzarella cheese, you should be equally concerned about how you will thaw it. 

Your Mozzarella will quickly lose its taste and flavor if you bring it back to room temperature so quickly. That’s why you need to thaw it if you don’t want to lose its flavor and texture. 

Please, never make the mistake of directly transferring your frozen Mozzarella from the freezer to the counter. 

Move the frozen Mozzarella into the fridge one day before the day you ought to use it. I recommend this because the fridge can begin the thawing process without interfering with the taste or the texture. 

It is normal for soft Mozzarella to shift its consistency, especially after it has spent some considerable amount of time in the freezer. Add some drops of milk and then put the cheese into the microwave for some seconds if you want to get the Mozzarella creamy texture. 

Why Is It Important to Preserve Mozzarella Cheese?

Why do you want to preserve Mozzarella cheese? Is it because you want it to serve you for up to a year? 

Mozzarella has many health benefits, making it one of the most preferred cheeses. First, this type of cheese is rich in Vitamin B7. Besides, the Vitamin B7 in Mozzarella helps prevent nails from turning yellow. 

Besides containing Vitamin B7, Mozzarella also contains Vitamin B2, which helps the body fight against different ailments, such as migraine. Additionally, Vitamin B2 has been proven to contain some antioxidant properties. 

Even more, Mozzarella cheese has high amounts of Calcium, which helps with the formation of bones and keeps them strong. 

In a nutshell, Mozzarella has many health benefits and this is many people always want to preserve it for future use rather than disposing of it. 


Related Questions 

1. How do you preserve fresh mozzarella?

The best ways to preserve Mozzarella are freezing, storing it in a refrigerator, or storing it in a container with cold water. If you’re using a container with cold water to act as your refrigerator, please be sure to change the water daily. 

2. How long can fresh mozzarella last in the fridge?

Fresh Mozzarella can last in the fridge for five days once you have opened it. This applies even to shredded Mozzarella, no matter the expiry or “best after date” indicated on it. 

3. How long does fresh mozzarella last in the freezer?

Your frozen Mozzarella can last in the freezer for up to six months and will maintain its quality during this period. Please note that your frozen Mozzarella can remain safe even after six months, but the quality will deteriorate. 

4. How long does homemade mozzarella last?

Homemade Mozzarella can last for up to 28 days – that’s four weeks. However, I highly recommend that you freeze it to keep it safe for longer – three months precisely. After that, you can thaw it and consume it within one to two weeks. 

5. Can you get sick from expired mozzarella?

No, tasting expired Mozzarella won’t make you sick. However, the sour taste and smell will probably irritate you. My advice is to throw away any Mozzarella that you suspect has gone bad. 

Bottom Line 

Mozzarella has many health benefits, so it makes sense to preserve it by freezing. Hopefully, all your questions on “can you freeze fresh Mozzarella” have been answered. 

 Don’t also hesitate if you have a question you’d love me to answer. Please leave a comment letting me know about your experience with Mozzarella and how you preserved yours and use it later. 

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